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This spring I will be planting a garden?
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Would you be interesting in a GFL
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Should we spend more time reviewing past topics?
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What podcast would you recommend? (please add your answer if it's not listed)
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What should we name our bee hives?
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How did you hear about G.F.L?
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I want more walk throughs with pictures (like podcast 41)
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The Farm Phone section is:
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Would you like a show on how to butcher and pluck fowl?
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I am a
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Favorite Garden Produce
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Has the mixer improved the show?
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Where do you listen to GFL?
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Possible Future Podcast Locations
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Podcast 13
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Is the GFL URL too hard?
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Favorite Farm Animal
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  1. Santiiago’s avatar

    Your thnniikg matches mine – great minds think alike!


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