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A look at our trip in Noumea and some of the fun we had there.’

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P1010423 - Version 2

This week we have a great call to 206-202-GOAT, so we talk about Supers, then we talk about camping and egg rings. It’s short crazy show on a late Thursday night.

Egg rings

We’re both back in town, and we we’re back on the air. I hope you all enjoyed the break! We need calls to the farm phone, 206-202-GOAT.


We’re back after a couple of week break due to travel. It’s a great show, good call to the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT, and trip stories! Sadly the next one will be in a couple of weeks due to Misty’s going to her moms, but it’s all good.

Sagrada Famalia

Wow, it feels like we just finished talking about floods, and now we’re talking about Tropical Cyclone Yasi. Seems like Queensland can’t catch a break. We also talk about delicata squash and fun things to plant. Call the farm phone, 206-202-GOAT.

Make sure to call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT with your seed and plans for the new garden. We have a look at Australian driving habbits and then Australian of the Year. It’s our Australia Day podcast of course.

The water have receded, so we talk about Brisbane flooding. We’ve had a couple great calls to the farm phone as well. So make sure you call for next week at 206-202-GOAT. Seed catalogues are arriving…what are your plans for the new year?

ABC has some great pictures at:

This week have great calls to the farm phone this week, then we look at the all the rain and more rain we’ve received and how it’s flooded affected Queensland.


First podcast of the year! Welcome to a new show where we go from knee deep water to knee deep snow to heat then volunteer tomatoes. We also have follow up suggestions for Paramedic Nick and his buck dilemma.

Cherry tomato

I hope you had a good Christmas! We talk about all the rain we’ve had, it’s really crazy. Then we have a look at our food box, and then Christmas day down under. We need your calls to the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT

Real fake tree