Chickens, Banana Trees and a New House — 206-202-GOAT

It’s the middle of July, and the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere, and probably the nicest time in Brisbane. For a change it’s not too hot, and maybe even a bit cool. We’ve had some big changes, a call to the farm phone (206-202-GOAT) and some great new plans. So tune in, hear the sounds of Brisbane suburbia, and enjoy!

  1. Gary Lowe’s avatar

    Where are you guys? I hope all is well with you. I miss your podcasts.



  2. Barbara’s avatar

    I miss you guys. I hope all is well.



  3. Catherine’s avatar

    Hope you-all are coming back!


  4. Gary Lowe’s avatar

    I hate to say it, but I think they are gone forever.


  5. Andrew’s avatar

    Been meaning to do a show for a bit. We actually have stuff to talk about now that we have a house. Gerdening is turning out to be a bit a challenge here for example.


  6. Barbara’s avatar

    Yay! You’re alive!!


  7. Catherine’s avatar

    Yay!! I’ve missed you-all! Would LOVE to hear about gardening there.

    Catherine (long-time lurker)


  8. Betty’s avatar

    Miss your podcast…when are you coming back?
    Hoping all is well. Misty are you still spinning?


  9. Janet’s avatar

    Well I guess your not a weekly podcast anymore. :0). I remember the good old days when you lived on the farm and broadcast from the bank every week almost without fail. Wishing you both luck in whatever you do. Please think about doing one last farewell podcast. Maybe play the very first podcast as a farewell. Thanks have enjoyed listening to tub over the years and hope all is well with you both.


    1. Rosa’s avatar

      Thanks for incidoutrng a little rationality into this debate.


    2. soccer stars coin generator’s avatar

      David, the vCJD hangs there out of context and with no supporting reference. What is it about? I find vCJD by the way a puzzle, I find the scientific concensus unbelievable (there are too many protection systems acting against transmission from food) and are rather suspicious there is a component of promoting research funds in the publicity it has been given. The only hint I saw there was that you included the word “injected” – i.e. a specific subset of people are at risk.


    3. Karen Twinem’s avatar

      We miss you. It would be great if you are ending the show to do a farewell podcast. If not, I hope we hear from you!


    4. Janet’s avatar

      Been a long time. 10 months…hope all is ok with you both. Please consider doing a farewell podcast for wrap up things for all of us whom have listed over the years. I started listening way back when you broadcast from your barn. Those were the best I think. Maybe play your very first podcast and add to it your final good byes. Miss hearing about you guys. You became like a good neighbor. :0)


    5. Janet’s avatar

      One year nearly and nothing. Does anyone know if all is ok with Misty and Andrew? Sad ending to just never hear from them again. Hope they are doing ok.


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