Germany and Games — 206-202-GOAT

Happy New Year everyone! We have a some big news this week, so make sure you tune in for some fun. We talk about Christmas in the land down under, and the heat of summer, and what to do when that summer time rain comes.

  1. India’s avatar

    Long time no listen. I see that Ulm is relatively close to Zürich…are you guys likely to make it to Switzerland when you are both in Germany? It’d be cool to meet up for coffee and a chat if you are going to be here and have some time. I am away for part of March but there is a possibility that I might be here.


  2. lisa’s avatar

    Long time listener from western Mass. Miss you guys terribly! You coming back?


  3. Violet’s avatar

    Where are you guys? I remember the good old days when you had the weekly podcast in your barn. :0). Life gets busy! Beginning to wonder since it’s been over 3 months since we have heard from you? Hope all is ok. I checked Facebook and twitter no recent updates. I bet your both just really busy. :0(.


  4. Sherry W’s avatar

    Checking in too! Hope all is well.
    -Sherry from Philly


  5. Chuck’s avatar

    People like me without the long commute, who pile up weeks worth of shows and listen when we can, are just now catching on that you’ve stopped posting. We hope you can continue. If you are weary of it all, just say farewell and make no apologies. :-)


    1. Quiana’s avatar

      Sunniva: Tusen takk! Ukens beste kjøp, og en kjole som lett blir en ju.Niordfavorittleadba: Du skulle bare visst… Etter en drink ble det raskt kjolebytte. Camilla: Hei nabo! SÃ¥ hyggelig Ã¥ høre at du er blitt tipset om bloggen da. Jenny skal fÃ¥ ros for fantastisk kreasjon.


    2. Wellesley Hills car insurence’s avatar

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    3. betterment means’s avatar

      „paczÄ…c” Verion a co to za sÅ‚owo? chyba chodziÅ‚o ci o patrzÄ…c a poza tym te „Anyway” jest wieÅ›niacze ty Murzyn czy Somalijczyk? Å»e CTSG nadużywa tego sÅ‚owa to już każdy kto w gra w MC musi go używać by być na topie? CaÅ‚y ten portal to panda 10 latków z pirackimi kontami i brakami w edukacji wczesnoszkolnej.Nie pozdrawiam.


    4. Violet’s avatar

      Hum getting worried! Wished u guys would post a quick update just to let everyone know all is well. Over 4 months. Don’t think u have ever gone this long. Do you ever miss the farm house and your pod cast from the barn with a kitty laying near? Hoping all is well and your just too busy having fun to post. Hope if you decided to hang it up, you will give us a one final farewell cast. :0)


    5. Louise’s avatar

      Anyone know what happened to Misty and Andrew? Has anyone tried calling the farm phone? When I try I just get a fast busy signal. Hope all is well!


    6. Andrew’s avatar

      Hey guys, all is well. I got back from germany and we just haven’t got back into the swing of things. Work has been incredibly busy for me, which has meant lots of late evenings and short weekends. We’ve both said we want to continue the show, just need to get her rolling again. We have some fun and intesrting things to talk about as well.



    7. Sherry W’s avatar

      Thanks for letting us know Andrew!


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