Skiing and Garden, and new farm phone 484-462-GOAT

Call the new farm phone at +1-484-462-GOAT!

Well this is a rather odd combination! Only in Queensland? We have a look at our new garden, and the ski trip to New Zealand.


  1. Dr. Curiosity’s avatar

    Looks like you chose a good time to come and visit across the ditch :-)


  2. Dr. Curiosity’s avatar

    Many years ago here in Christchurch, NZ, my grandfather had a pet magpie. Along with doing mischievous things like tying people’s shoelaces together when they weren’t looking, there was a bit of garden “fun” too…

    One day when my grandmother was replanting her tomatoes, she looked back along the row she’d been planting and the magpie had been pulling each of the plants out, and waiting until she noticed. She chased off the bird and started replanting them all, only to find he’d started pulling them up from the other end of the row. Eventually she started shaking pepper around the base of each plant, and the magpie started kicking the plants out of the ground instead. Cheeky bastard!


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Cheeky bastard! Yes it was a great time to visit!


  4. Prudy’s avatar

    That hits the target perflctey. Thanks!


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