Food Connect Farm Tour Podcast

Hey guys, sorry for the late show, but we have a good one this week. We went on a farm tour with Food Connect, the CSA we get fruit and veggies from. I took some pictures too.

Milking cows

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    I’ve heard about Sanitarium’s ‘natural’ peanut butter which is found in the health food isle and is 100% peanuts, no salt or sugar. It might be cheaper than from your CSA but then again things in the health food isle are usually priced pretty high. Sanitarium is owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church which bothers some people and impresses others.


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    Wow, this episode snudos slightly echoy but your voices are much clearer and easier to understand.William: Have you read any books by Harry Turtledove? He does a lot of alternate history/sci-fi books. Also, you might want to check out Wikipedia for info on what was happening in 1831. They have & pages for various years throughout history which might be useful to your research.The Producer hasn’t given up on Revolution??!?!?!?!??!!? I must now seriously question her sanity.Elementary was fun, if uneven. And yeah, I totally didn’t realize that guy was British. His American accent totally fooled me.Tony: I gave up on being a registered independent years ago, simply because I was getting contacted waaaaaaaaay too much. These days I’m registered with a single party and haven’t received a single political phone call or really even any political mail this year. Also, I’m pretty sure you can change your party affliation when you vote.William’s Spanish accent: It’s still better than Sean Connery’s.Cats vs Dogs: That’s easy. Cats rule, dogs drool. Also, was our first cat; he passed away several years ago. Our next cat was (we didn’t name her) who passed away two years ago. Our current cat is .I’m amazed that neither of you knew where spam came from. Side note: when I was a kid one of my favorite homemade meals was fried spam with mac & cheese. Also the spam recipies Tony was referencing are partly controlled by the Web Clips setting in Gmail. This setting lets you see litte head lines for various things which are partly dependent upon what emails you’re looking at and partly on what source you select (the default was 101 Cookbooks).If you’re not part of the solution; you’re part of the base (not the problem, you silly vocal extensions)!



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