Egg Rings Podcast

This week we have a great call to 206-202-GOAT, so we talk about Supers, then we talk about camping and egg rings. It’s short crazy show on a late Thursday night.

Egg rings

  1. Susan Roberts’s avatar

    Enjoyed the show! Good information about Australia and those egg circles! I’d say egg circles remind me of the perfect eggs on McMuffins.


  2. Marce’s avatar

    Also, Mr Gold/Rumpelstltskin sometimes rmnieds me of the character of Sylar from the canceled NBC series Heroes. Mr. Gold / R sets about to take other people’s source of magic. On Heroes, Sylar was known for stealing other people’s unique powers. There is certainly more to Mr Gold’s story but he seems to be a collector of majic powers. I feel that even Regina is under his power and he can control the final outcome of things. In regards to the Graham being truly dead I guess so. We have pointed out that Emma’s presence alters the tragic endings as in Charming coming out of his coma. It would be nice to see some better outcome for Graham / The Huntsman.



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