Easter and ANZAC Day Postcast

We had 4 great calls to +1-206-202-GOAT this week. Long time listeners call up, and learn about moves, changes, Brazilian bonuses, etc. We then talk about our extra long weekend, and australian holidays in general.

Easter walk

  1. Susan Roberts’s avatar

    Please don’t chop me out of the intro. It’s always surprising to hear my voice.

    Loved Anzac Day this year. I’ve really gotten into it as I learn more about Australia and its history. Plus there is the “tradition” of Collingwood Magpies playing against the Essendon Bombers. Go Pies!

    Love the show!


  2. Dr. Curiosity’s avatar

    We had a tricky ANZAC Day here in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our normal ceremony and memorial would have taken place in what’s referred to as the “Red Zone”: the cordoned-off part of the central city that’s still quite damaged after our earthquakes. Still, you keep going and make do with what you’ve got – not a lot of choice otherwise, really.

    Really looking forward to spending time with my fiancée in Kentucky this month, though :-)


  3. Brent’s avatar

    Haven’t used Perfect Pearls but saw a video where they used VersaMark to stamp image then brush on PP powder with a small brush and use anoehtr small soft brush to pounce down the powder then dusting excess powder off. Finish by spritzing with water in a mini spray and leave to dry.I hope this might help Judith. PS your emails keep coming back have sent 2 do not know what’s wrong. Beautiful cards.



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