Barncast 241 — Real Fake Trees

We have three great calls this week, three! Looking for info on heating houses with other methods other than gas/oil. Call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT.

Real fake tree

  1. Susan Roberts’s avatar

    I loved this episode of your podcast – especially because it was about Christmas trees. I love Christmas trees. I’ve never been one to have a real one – although David’s parents always has a real tree. My family always had fake trees. I’ve apparently become quite the collector of “fake” trees. I first became enchanted by fake trees when I visited a school friend’s home in kindgergarten and they had up a silver aluminum tree with blue decorations and the wheel of color. Since I’ve been an adult – I’ve collected a number of fake trees: silver, blue, red, modern art type trees, flat against the wall trees, LCD lighted trees, ceramic trees, etc. You get the drift (and not snow drift mind you)…I love fake trees! I would love to have a larger home where I could display all my trees during the holidays. Anyway, thanks for a fabulous holiday podcast episode! Happy holidays!



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