Barncast 238 — Kale, Tomatoes, Banana Muffins and NaNoWriMo

We have a mixed bag this week! Three great calls, and a good slew of topics. Make sure to call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT!

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    Ari,Thanks for doing this interview and looikng forward to Rice’s next interview with you. Glad to hear you’re thinking big. And to my delight I think your focus on 70 and over is a good thing because these wise teachers have become invisible.Your memories make me think of my own memories with my grandmother. She was fun, kind, generous and sweet with lots of wisdom. These older people could sure teach young people some good manners, etiquette and life lessons about how to be kind and patient with one another. Grandmas know how to attend to the “small” things in a child’s life which bring the most joy.(like sitting on the bed and clicking your heels before watching TV) I can tell you really miss your Grandma. I think by the time you reach 70 you can d–n wear what you may please. How dare a society ignore our wisdom keepers and then have the audacity to tell them what to wear. Thank you for your efforts to carry your message of “hope” for older people on this planet.I’ll keep my fingers crossed that OWN will break out their set age demographic and embrace the “hip” elders.


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