Barncast 234 — The Footy Show

We have a great show for you this week! We have 3 great calls from everyone you live, Ellen, Linda and Susan with a great explanation of Australian Rules Football, or footy. What a show!


  1. allie’s avatar

    Hello from brisbane!

    I have a few comments about canning in Australia. I have also found it almost impossible to find good jars as I also like to make some jams and chutneys with seasonal fruits. What is available is often very expensive, even more expensive than buying a jar filled with jam at the supermarket.

    Most of the time I reuse jars, doing my best to sterilise them through boiling etc, but still store them in the fridge because I reuse the lids too. I did at one stage find an Australian website that sold replacement lids which is another option.

    Can I suggest making some lillipilly jam/jelly while you are in Australia? Lillipilly fruits are a native and when raw are not that tasty, some are bland, some very peppery and others taste kind of like a spray of perfume in the mouth but made into a jam they are yummy. You’ll need to forage for the fruits because they are not sold in stores but almost every street in Brisbane (and most gardens) have a few trees.


  2. Susan Roberts’s avatar

    Just a comment – I was making the call from an office cubicle…I would rather have been in a library!



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