Barncast 230 — Public media down under

We have 3 great calls this week to 206-202-GOAT. We then compare public media in the US to Austrlia.


  1. Paramedic Nick’s avatar

    Kraft Vegemite… interesting I would’ve assumed it would be an Australian brand of some kind.


    1. Roseanna’s avatar

      derek, i get more impressed with every entry. when in amsterdam, try to go to Maduradam. It’s a miniature city and a wonderful day out. It’s so much fun living visiaroucly through you. I spent 10 weeks in europe and israel when I was 19 (only yesterday!! LOL) have fun, marion


    2. Surprise, AZ car assurance’s avatar

      Para que seja possível ocorrer uma gravidez é necessário que esteja em período fértil e que haja contacto de espermatozóides com o seu canal vaginal, não sendo para isso necessário haver nem ejaculação nem penetração.



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