Barncast 229 — More and more worms!

We have 4 amazing calls to the farm phone this week, including a call from Tom! We then have a look at how the worm bin is doing. The one good thing we’ve done out back!

Brown Snake

  1. Anne’s avatar

    Hi Misty,

    You can see some of my weaving and knitting on Ravelry – my username is midnightfarm.

    Anne, from Hay River


  2. Paramedic Nick’s avatar

    I’m interested in learning about the worm setup and goals. Can anyone point me to which barncast to listen to?


  3. Karma’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew! I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now and have started listening from the beginning. I love the podcast! Anyway, I wanted to comment on Tom’s story of growing tomatoes upside down. Now, I’ve never used the Topsy-Turvey Tomatoes kits that are sold everywhere, so I can’t speak to those. I have, however, grown tomatoes upside down using 5 gallon buckets. You simply drill out a hole in the bottom of the bucket large enough to thread a seedling through, leaving the root ball in the bucket and supporting it with some paper. You then fill the bucket with dirt, compost, spagnum moss, etc, water it in, and hang the bucket by the handle. (Note, you might need to reinforce the bucket handle a bit since the weight of the dirt will eventually cause the handle to rip through the bucket). We’ve grown tomatoes this way for several years while living in Oklahoma and have had a lot of success. If you get a bucket with a lid you can put the lid on the bucket to keep it from drying out too fast or, on rainy days, you can open it up to catch some of the rain. Some people plant herbs on top, though we’ve never tried that. Again, I love the podcast! Keep up the great work!



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