Barncast 226 — Election News!

Our 2 week break is over, and we’re back. We have australian election coverage, trip news, great uses for parsley, astronomy info, and all sorts of great stuff! Make sure to call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT.


  1. Laura’s avatar

    I called and mentioned that Lebanese food has a lot of parsley. Here are my favorite Lebanese blogs and recipe websites. Some of them are not super updated but the recipes are still good!


  2. Paramedic Nick’s avatar

    Funny to think about Orion being upside down. In a way comparatively speaking you’re standing upside down to me, silly gravity.

    Interesting that the party members are not allowed to cross the aisle. If the prime minister is different from who controls the parliament does absolutely nothing get done?

    P.S. Even though it may be just me for the most part, I still like to write my afterthoughts for the show. A comment if you will! Seems silly to add it to my farm phone call. I have wi-fi on my ambulance
    and need to abuse it somehow.

    P.P.S. I really like 206 202 4628 it is pleasingly symmetrical to punch in.



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