Barncast 225 — Australian Election and Beer

In the last show for 2 weeks we have some great calls to the farm phone, and then we talk about the Aussie election and take a first look at the beer we brewed last month. If you learned lessons gardening call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT.

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    Hey there, it’s Paramedic Nick. I saw the lack of comments lately and it made me a little sad. I’m currently on Barncast eighty something and I hear about great comment conversations and I feel like I’ve missed out. I wish I had bothered to research podcasts a few years ago.

    A little bit about myself and how I found the podcast:
    2 years ago I got into audiobooks and really enjoyed them for my commute. Usually I prefer to read about 2 non fiction books to every 1 fiction book. Soon I was scraping the bottom of the non fiction audiobook pile and found myself falling asleep to dreadful monotone readings of “The Prince”. Thats when I remembered podcasts exist.

    My main interest was homesteading and when I searched for a homesteading podcast geek farm was the first on the list. I’ve been hooked ever since. Now 80+ episodes later (I listened to a few Australia casts and decided I couldn’t bear to miss all of the Indiana treasures.) I’m hooked.

    When I think about it i’ve listened to about 70+ hours of your detailed life stories and opinions. Turning you into these spectral people who have a lot of great advice about farms. Almost like a newscaster or something. Then I called you with a well wishing comment and you talked about my life and wished me luck. How very strange it was.

    In a way my brain has lumped Misty and Andrew into the pseudo celebrity section. Suddenly they’ve been shoved into a friends you no longer see but still keep up on their lives category. There is this strange sense of intimacy with total strangers. Has anyone else experienced a sense of closeness to a podcast or the people who cast them?


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    Also the link to Andrew’s blog is down. Is it gone?



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