Barncast 219 — Potpourri

Next week we’ll actually have a normal show with gardening/farming topics, but this week it’s late, and we have some great farm phone calls, so we do a lazy show. I hope you enjoy it!

Merlin sent us this link for Chocolate Buiscuits! This is no joke, though it seems odd:

  1. susan’s avatar

    OMG Misty! You’ve gone and done it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hamish & Andy!! I’m currently listening to the June 14 episode. I don’t know if you’ve listened to it or not – but it’s cracking me up! QUOTE: “I’ve got the music in me and I’m afraid I’ll explode!” Plus the swamp soccer interview – too funny. I don’t think I’ll be trading my love of footy for swamp soccer – but I did laugh. I heard my own small percentage of Scottish blood talking to me. I’m cringing – because I heard myself talking through the swamp soccer player.

    Thanks for the tips about biscuits, gravy, cornbread and the squash dish.

    Well, I better get back to work…just got handed another project to wade through.



  2. susan’s avatar

    Actually it was the June 4th episode.



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