Barncast 210 — Bikes and Food Prices

Well, we screwed up the number again this week. Oh well. We have a fun show looking at prices for groceries, transport, and how the CSA has worked out. Make sure to call the farm phone! 206-202-GOAT.

Two bikes

Click on the prices of our shopping list by clicking more!

Last weeks shopping:

Item Price
Green Curry Paste 170gm 3.99
Butter 250gm 1.69
Canola Oil 750ml 3.29
Paper Towels 2 rolls 2.59
White Sugar 2kg 3.99
Rye Bread 650gm 5.49
Cheezels (like Cheez Doodles) 1 bag 3.29
Chicken & Herb Sausage (6 links) 4.87
Plum Jam 500gm 2.99
Garnier Shampoo 250ml 5.39
Lamb Mince 1/2kg 6.74
Eggs 1/2 doz large 2.19
Walnut Brownie Mix 1 box 5.59
Crumpets 6 large 2.79
Pepsi Max 2L 2.69
Mayonnaise 335gm (on sale from 4.69) 2.99
Honey Mustard Dressing 300ml 3.69
Macaroni Noodles 500gm 2.39
Solo Lemon Soft Drink 2L 2.69
Coffee (ground) 200gm 7.39
Coconut Milk 400ml 1.99
ANZAC Biscuits (cookies) 300gm 2.89

  1. Alice’s avatar

    Interesting things about Coles and Woolies is that they also own the majority of bottle shops, pubs, etc. Woolworths is also the largest operator of poker machines in Australia (and the southern hemisphere iirc).

    Woolies and Coles have also been accused of placing ridiculous demands on growers in order to lower the prices on their end. I’ve even heard of them rejecting tomatoes because they are ‘too red’…

    We are a couple living in Brisbane too and also subscribe to Food Connect (but the smaller mini fruit and veg box which is $30). We are spending around $30-$40 a week at the grocery store beyond that and then $11 on take away one night a week. We simply don’t eat much meat to avoid the cost. We do a lot with minced meats and chicken (even though chicken is expensive it costs less than most red meats). We don’t buy soft drinks but I know many Australians drink them a lot. Every week we buy bread and milk at the grocery store and also depending on our supplies rice, pasta, butter, cooking oil, flour, sugar, tea, toiletries, etc. We occasionally buy sauces or coffee from specialty stores but generally make our own jams and sauces when a glut of cheap in season produce can be had at markets.


  2. Jared’s avatar

    I am slow getting to listen to this episode, but now you have my curiosity up. I work in a local grocery store up here in Canada, and the prices look comparable, but I think I’ll take a look at these when I go to work tomorrow and price them out.



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