Barncast 209 (which we thought was 208)

Well, Misty’s putting together the post this week, so if anything is wrong with it, it’s totally her fault!

In the show this week, we talk about our Easter trip to rural southwest Queensland. We took a road trip to Miles, Roma, and St. George, among others.

We also talk about what was in the CSA box this week, and we get some new tips on avoiding drop bears. Hope you enjoy the show!

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  1. Barbro’s avatar

    It makes me sad to listen when Andrew is bossy


  2. adler’s avatar

    This podcast was recommended by another podcaster with the precaution that it’s a little difficult listening to the two individuals battle back and forth. I’ll go further and say it’s actually rather disturbing. It’s like being invited to dinner and watching the hosts feud over incidentals which are of no value to the guest.

    Have attempted to listen to other episodes and all seem to have the same flair – a great deal of banter and a few tidbits of substance.

    Frankly, the visibility into the disturbing aspects of this relationship, which seems a bit out of balance and tenacious, makes listening quite uncomfortable.



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