Barncast 208 — CSA in review

This week we cover everything from CSA’s to dangerous Australian animals, to our road trip over Easter. Enjoy the show over the long weekend!


  1. Kelly’s avatar

    I will be downloading this episode tonight!


  2. Lana’s avatar

    Hhhhmmm. Is the drop bear related to the jackalope?


  3. Andrew’s avatar

    Not in the least, jackalopes are ficticious. Peoples lives are at risk here!


  4. Barbro’s avatar

    Drop bears are related to the jackalope, the wild haggis and hoop snake. They are an example of local lore intended to frighten and confuse outsiders and amuse locals.


  5. Denise Handrigan’s avatar

    Andrew, I think you’re being punked about the drop bears. When I told people at work, they looked it up online and there’s no such animal. They laughed and laughed.
    Love you anyway, Denise



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