Barncast 206 — CSA and food

We have 5 great calls this week, we talk changing from growing our own to buying food in Australia, and then onto Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). We also have an Australian farm phone! 0457 028 636. Call the normal farm phone too! 206-202-GOAT.


  1. Kare Stonebridge’s avatar

    Hi Andrew & Misty
    Enjoying your podcast from Australia and love to hear how life is there. I listened to the latest podcast last night.

    FEDCO used to have an awful website and I used to have a hard time figuring out how to order anything. It has been updated and I had no trouble ordering blueberry bushes from them. I am glad to report that. They are employee owned and I don’t think they have a regular “store” but orders can be picked up on the two weekends they have their tree sale in late April / early May.

    I was interested in the fellow who called in from New England and has an audio podcast. I tried a search but could not find it….was the name Farm Fork or Farm folk. Tried to look for both with no results. You get old and the hearing goes – ya know.

    The other big Maine seed provider is Johnnys select seeds and they have a full website with all the bells and whistles. Had close to 100% germination on their tomato and pepper seeds I have growing under lights now.

    Keep up the great podcasts. I miss hearing about the animals and Bonefide (sp), and hearing about Australia is good too – just different.



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