Barncast 202 — Container Garden Woes

Show notes to come.

Burleigh heads

  1. Paul - Chillicothe, OH’s avatar

    Sorry guys I was the mumbling fool… :)

    It is the Dervaes family that is pretty much self-sufficient on 1/4 acre.

    Their website is

    It is amazing what they have packed in there.


  2. The other Charles, of Texas’s avatar

    Hi! Long time listener since #1, two time caller to the Farm Phone at 206-202-GOAT, and thought you could use some help.

    Since people have been asking recently in the podcast, may we recommend Dave’s Garden? My wife has been a member for five years now. Although Dave himself (incidentally, the founder of LXer) has recently departed, the community there is still friendly and knowledgeable and will never make people feel stupid for asking a beginner’s question. About half the forums are free, the rest by subscription, and it’s totally worth it in our opinion.

    There is a container gardening forum, beginning gardening and beginning vegetable gardening forums, specialty forums for specific plants, flowers, or interests, and regional gardening forums including Australian and Californian sections, etc.

    Check out the full list of forums. Looks like the Australian forum is a freebie, so give it a shot for yourself if nothing else.



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