Barncast 195 – Thanksgiving and Container Gardening

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Sherry in Philly’s avatar

    I thought I’d leave a picture ‘before and after’ of my grilled butterflied turkey!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US!


  2. misty’s avatar

    It looks great! Although something about butterflied poultry just makes me wince — it doesn’t look comfortable!


  3. Meredith’s avatar

    I hope you two are doing well. I know that distance can be hard. But you two will be back together soon enough with your container farming!

    I don’t know if it is as dry out there, but I live in central Arizona, and I’m getting ready to start collecting old windows to make a mini greenhouse here. Hope to have it up for the spring. It is too dry otherwise! And we also have some lovely water restrictions. I suggest that Andrew should look into a water drip system since he won’t be able to water on his off days. One day without water on a young plant can mean certain death out here in AZ, depending on the heat. I know that there are some cool set-ups and suggestions on for water-drip. Also, those crystals he was talking about, are they just the same gel stuff used in some floral arrangements? I don’t know that I would use them on a large scale, but there are some tricks with wood chips and the like you could try too, depending on the size of the container.

    Oh, and to the complaints about Kitchen-Aide mixers… well, the new ones have plastic bits on the inside that make them far less dependable than the older ones. The ones I have tried haven’t seemed to work as well either. I made sure to pick up one from the 70s off of ebay in the end. All metal parts, and built by the Hobart company that now spends much of it’s time making welders and generators. I love it! I’m sorry yours didn’t operate up to snuff. I have always been disappointed with mixers with more than one attachment myself. I wonder if being 220 makes them more badass too?

    Any other tips on high heat, low water gardening might be fun. Or, I guess pose that back out to the listeners. So I’m not phoning this one in. I am sick right now and sound like a frog on the phone! I’m a little shy too, I must add.

    Anywho, FARM PHONE (or email) ROCKS!
    Meredith from AZ.



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