Barncast 192 – Settling In

We talk about our week. Andrew is settling in and Misty is getting into a routine.

Misty totally forgot to talk about her wonderful visit with Linda in Chicago. It was a blast, we saw two plays and just had a great time. Thanks, Linda!

  1. jen’s avatar

    G’day Misty & welcome to Oz Andrew! I hope your enjoying life among the Banana Benders. I’ve only been listening since july and have really enjoy the show. I was looking forward to hearing about farming in a REAL winter while I would be sweating it out through summer and now you won’t have any winter at all. I was spewing! Untill I saw you’re Archive.. Frost! Snow! Blizzards! Excellent!Back in the present I’ll be interested to hear how you enjoy the tropics. As for Sulphur Crested Cockatoos not only do they screech their heads off they eat everything! Well, not eat, taste and drop everything. Cockies destroyed nearly every pecan of ten full grown trees last year,the mongrels!
    Anyway, catch you later! Jen in New South Wales



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