New Show Coming Soon

We’ve had a difficult time getting together to record because of the time difference. The show might be a bit different this week, but it is coming. Thanks for the farm phone calls we have had so far, and keep them coming! Any feedback on the sound quality of last week’s show? I don’t produce the show very often, so I was pretty nervous about it!


  1. Kevin’s avatar

    I’m a new listener (about a month now) I’m trying to catch up from PC#1, I get about 3 shows a day in on my drives back and forth, sometime I get a few more on my days off while working around the Property.
    You guys are Soooo Great!! Rarely do I get a good Genuine Laugh from podcasts. I don’t get a laugh from all of them but for sure a smile appears at one time or another. I can always be assured to learn something new in almost each P.C. that you both do and that makes me happy.
    Thanks for the continued dedication and I look forward to years more of enjoyment listening to them.



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