Barncast 185 — How to Paint A Barn

What a show this week, we cover moving to Australia to painting a barn! We have 4 great calls to the farm phone, at 206-202-GOAT with great comments and questions.

We had a great call from, so make sure to go check them out.


  1. Tina’s avatar

    I think a 3 Elms Farm calendar is a great idea!


  2. Donna’s avatar

    I second that thought! A 3 Elms Farm calendar would be so important to the rest of us!!


  3. Lanora’s avatar

    A 3 Elms Farm calendar would be such a benefit for everyone.


  4. Julie’s avatar

    Your pictures are great! A calendar would be sweet. Corresponding with the seasons.


  5. Bianca’s avatar

    I hope all is well with your transition. I really love the pics of your goats, they seem really sweet. I would buy a Farm Calendar if you decide to make one. Good Luck!



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