Barncast 183 — Big Changes

Well, there’s some changes going on her on around the farm. It’ll even change the direction of the podcast. We want your feedback, call us at 206-202-GOAT!


  1. Tina’s avatar

    Congratulations! I am sad to hear the end of Geek Farm Life at Three Elms but am interested in hearing how you acclimate to an international move. I know each country has different rules on immigration and wonder what kind of kinks you will run into. I am also interested in learning what kind of farming is feasible down under. Also, I thought the movie Food, Inc. was well done and touched lightly on all aspects of our food culture. Thanks Abby:) Also in regard to DE, an N95 mask would more than adequately protect your lungs from pulmonary fibrosis for which there is no cure or acute lung injury which you wouldn’t want either. Good Luck! Darn:(


  2. andrew’s avatar

    Thanks Tina!

    Well of course the first kink was not being able to buy a place, even the US which is fairly strict didn’t have prohibitions there.


  3. Paula’s avatar

    Please, please, don’t stop doing a podcast.

    I would miss you two so much. I really enjoy hearing about what is going on with you.

    I have been living vicariously on the farm with you. So why not do the same in Australia. Farm or no farm. You are both very interesting people. I enjoy hearing about your hobbies.

    Moving to Australia sounds like an adventure to me and darn it I want to hear about.

    Seriously, it would be like loosing very good friends.

    I vote for continuing.


  4. Carol’s avatar

    OMG! HUGE changes. I’m excited for you both.
    Love the podcast and your tips and common sense approach to farming. Looking forward to hear how things go selling the farm, animals and the Big Move!


  5. Sherry w’s avatar

    Just a selfish “wahhhhhhh! Don’t leave us!”

    Nah, have a great move guys!


  6. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Congratulations Guys! Would still love to hear GFL Down Under! Even if you’re not farming for the moment it would be interesting to hear about your new life in a new country. If I was 20 years younger I’d think about buying Three Elms. But, I have enough trouble taking care of 2/3 of an acre here in Pittsburgh, so I think 10 acreas in rural Indiana is out for me! Looking forward to hearing about your transition, and I hope you find good homes for the critters!



  7. India’s avatar

    Wow, that’s a bit of a stunner and I haven’t even listened to the podcast yet!


  8. Joel’s avatar

    I’ve been listening and lurking since podcast 98 and I just heard the news!

    I’m an American expat who has been living in Hong Kong for the past nine years. I must tell you that listening to your podcast has really changed what I see as my future in life. There’s obviously not much free land here for me to utilize (especially as I live in a flat), but you’ve really inspired me to want to follow in your footsteps at some point in the future and live on a bit of land where I can grow and raise my own food.

    I’ve recently been getting books like “Living with Sheep” and books on chickens and such out of the library. My wife – who is a Korean expat who has lived here 17 years – thinks I’m nuts. I’m currently in finance and I give myself another five years before I completely burn out. The guy (my goal at least, don’t say anything to the misses) is to move to Korea after the 5 years and live on a bit of land.

    Anyway, I would absolutely love to hear the podcast continue. Provided you both have the time and energy, there will be plenty to talk about. While I will definitely miss hearing about ‘farm life’, you’re a part of our lives now and – while the direction of the show might be different – I’m confident the vast majority of us will download every week to hear how things go.

    Incidently, my wife works for Cathay Pacific and she was in Brisbane on a three day layover last week. Maybe I will pop down with her if she gets a flight in the future. I owe you both at least a dinner for all the entertainment I’ve received.

    Good luck with the move!


  9. Clint’s avatar

    Hi Andrew and Misty,

    I have to admit I came across your podcast only a little more than a month ago when I was searching for farm podcasts to listen to and I instantly became addicted to yours. I’ve already listened to all your podcasts from the beginning and I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone of them.

    My partner and I have close to the same setup you have had over the years at Three Elms Farm. We are going on our second year at our little slice of heaven just outside of Kansas City and have gone through many of the same trials and tribulations you have. We have a heard of saanens (and some Nigerian dwarfs and Guernsey’s), a couple corriedale sheep, some New Zealand rabbits, some Welsh Harlequin ducks, geese, chickens, pigs and a huge garden. We are even living on sub-floor in our house after ripping up the lovely 1970’s carpet. We make our own cheese and soap, do our own butchering, and put back our own vegetables. Apart from being entertained, I’ve learned a lot from you both by listening to your podcast and we have applied a lot your knowledge to what we do. We never went into this with the idea of being completely self sufficient but want to just take a step back from things.

    I hope you continue the podcast, otherwise I wouldn’t know how to fill the void : ) Maybe I would just have to start my own podcast, lol. It might be neat to continue it from a perspective of having a self-sufficient lifestyle in the city and what are the challenges that come with it. There’s a website call about a family that turned their entire city-dwelling yard into a garden. Anyways, just a thought.

    I want to wish you the best of luck on your new endeavors and to let you know that you have a dedicated listener.



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