Barncast 178 — Tomatoes!

Welcome to this weeks show! Hopefully in time for some of us, what to do with the 200lbs of tomatoes you get this week. We have 5 great calls and with loads of information and questions. We need your input so call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT!


  1. Sheila’s avatar

    In this show, you mentioned listening to podcasts. I thought you said one was Dakota Rain. I haven’t been able to find any podcast by that name so I figure I wasn’t listening too well. Can you help me out?

    Love your podcast!


  2. misty’s avatar

    Decoder Ring Theatre. It’s one of my favorite podcasts ever! :)


  3. Dot S’s avatar

    One of my favourite ways to eat tomotoes is a tomato and onion sandwich. No mayonaise. I just lightly butter the fresh bread (not toasted), add thick slices of tomatoes and onion rings to taste. Salt and pepper and that’s it. Love it. I tend to use a sweeter salad type of onion but it’s good with any onion if you like them raw.



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