Barncast 174 — Farm life

We were going to talk about rabbits tonight, but we had a wonderful farm phone call so we talk about farm life instead. It’s a fun show, so I hope you hear enjoying hearing about Alaska and how it differs from the lower 48.


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    I thought some of the listeners might be really interested in a new magazine called “Urban Farm” that’s coming out from the people who publish Hobby Farms Magazine.


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    Hi Misty & Andrew,

    I hope you get an alert when someone comments on an old show, otherwise you’ll never see this! 8-)

    I’m working my way back to front and cannot find the correct file for barncast 174 – the link plays #175 although the file is labeled 174. I hope the original barncast wasn’t overwritten.

    Thanks! GFL rocks!



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    Unrapalleled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!


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    mormor.. jeg er enig med deg.. men jeg ser det er mange gode argument til at noen trenger å ha ungene tidlig inn i barnehage.. jeg var ikke en av de ! jeg fikk med meg ALLE ting som skjedde i oppveksten.. og æ e stoilt av det ! god kveld i stua : )berit recently posted..


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    Lækker konkurrence! :)Har selv det sorte, højtaljede par med lynlåse, og de er røget direkte ind som nr. 1 på favorit-listen.. Så nu har jeg tagget mig på de samme i den coatede udgave! :)/Anne



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