Barncast 172 — Questions questions!

What a show we have this week. We have an some great phone calls so we have a question show. It’s been a long time since we dedicated a show to answering questions. We talk about everything from stray dogs to mp3 players. Make sure to call the farm phone for new weeks show at 206-202-GOAT.


  1. net’s avatar

    This is for the podcasting call in: Mary, I think.

    I would be interested to know how her mp3 player project is going.
    – Hardware: What are you considering? What are you trying?
    – Content: same


  2. Mary’s avatar

    Here are the links for my podcast recommendations:
    Geek Survival Guide at From the GSG site “How will you survive when aliens attack? Or vampires? Or werewolves? Or vampire werewolves? Geek Survival Guide seeks to point you to the best information to keep you and your loved ones alive during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Good luck!”
    The Seanachai at As the author describes it The Seanachai is “Short audio stories very well produced. Unlike anything you’ve heard; think NPR meets radio drama in the back of a pub. Actually, don’t think, Just listen. If it’s not absolutely one of the best podcasts you’ve ever heard your lost time will be refunded.”

    Also – how to seal a mason jar using a brake bleeder/vacuum pump I forgot someone already beat me to this one. None the less, there’s the link.

    As far as the “project” goes, I just put a bid on one of the cheap-o mp3 players on ebay. Looks like an older nano. Guess we’ll see what the quality’s like when it gets here. Kinda’ wondering if I should be concerned exactly how it’s made . . .

    Content – I’m a bit of a one note; breastfeeding. I don’t think I’m eligible to become a WIC peer counselor as I’ve read that you must “be in the population served by WIC”; but I want to talk to the coordinator to see what funds are available and if she’d be interested in this kind of a project. The possibilities are endless! Anyone else got ideas how you would use podcasts for education?


  3. Greg’s avatar

    I’m not sure if this is the correct Podcast or not. There was a lady that asked about alternatives to Itunes. I use Amarok with my Linux laptop. But this is also available for Windows, but it is not yet officially supported. It works great with MP3 players other than Ipod. My Sansa works great with Amarok.



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