Barncast 171 — Geese, 4 years on

Welcome back for show 171! This week we take a look back and Geese and what we’ve learned over the last few years. A long time ago when the show was still in the single digits we went over what animals we’ve had and why. It’s been over 3 years since then and we have many new listeners and things have changed so maybe it’s time to look at them again.

Goose and her goslings

  1. India’s avatar

    I was on a tram in Zurich the other day and a guy got on with a pet duck/goose. I don’t really know which, but I think it was a brown goose – the body/neck seemed too long for a duck (not that I know much about ducks!). The bird was really chilled out, stayed next to his owner at the stop and then just followed him onto the tram. You never know what you’re going to see in Zurich, I tell you ;0)



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