Barncast 170 — Potpourri

Welcome to a show with a little this and that. We value your calls to the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT, so give us a shout. This weeks show covers a little this and that, from a little tech, to some good milking numbers, to some chores info. I hope you enjoy.

Tom’s link

Amanda has a problem with her radishes, know what it is? Let us know:


Covered tomatoes:


  1. Jacob’s avatar

    Could you talk a little more about your rabbit accomodations? Also, now that you have had Silver fox rabbits for a few years, are you happy with that choice? I’m trying to convince my wife that they aren’t too much bother. Also, have you tried any crosses with silver fox and other rabbits? There is one person here, who has Silver Fox rabbits, but only has a trio, so I was thinking of getting a few does from him, and crossing them with a New Zealand or Californian buck, which are pretty common here.

    I love your show! Farm Comments Rock! :)


  2. Chris’s avatar

    Radishes are a brassica crop… likely culprit is the flea beetle (coleoptera).


  3. Rian’s avatar

    Just from looking at it, I’d say it’s slugs. Flea beetles would leave a more “shotgun” looking pattern and cleaner holes. You’d see them in the day.

    Go out at night and check then. Bring a spray bottle with 10-20% ammonia to water and spray the little buggers if you find them. If that’s too “hands-on” for you, Sluggo works well and is purported to be environmentally safe.

    You might take a look for earwigs, too. They’re not mutually exclusive (earwigs seem to follow slug damage often). They’re probably easiest to trap in rolled up cardboard or opaque plastic tubing, but you can spread diatomaceous earth or spray your organic insecticide of choice on them. They should be visible at night as well.

    Good luck!



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