Barncast 167 — New Zealand trip

We look at two major topics this week, what happened to the farm while we gone and what did we do on vacation. It’s a long show, I hope you enjoy it.

Row boat at Kawhia

  1. Dee’s avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing about your trip. I appreciate hearing about your experiences and am a bit envious. Glad to hear that you had a chance to “soak” more than once at the beach. What an unusual, yet exotic way to have hot water time! We are glad you are back safe and that you enjoyed your WELL DESERVED vacation. You guys really ROCK!


  2. Rayne of Terror’s avatar

    What a fab trip! I enjoyed hearing about it. My co-workers keep popping their heads in to ask what I’m listening to.

    For Lincoln’s 200th birthday Illinois will have a radio station where as you drive around it will tell you Lincoln history for the area where you are.



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