Barncast 164 — Mead and Garden update

Welcome to our last “live” show for 2 weeks. We’ll be traveling next week and the one after. We have 2 prerecorded shows that are abulous so I hope you enjoy them.

This week we look at how we how we’re doing seedlings this year, and the last 2 years of doing mead.


  1. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Hi Guys,

    Tried to download your show, but it’s giving me an error message saying I don’t have authorization to download from your server. Wonder if others are having the same problem?


  2. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    It worked this time–three’s a charm I guess!


  3. andrew’s avatar

    I fixed it. Hehe. Sorry guys, I forgot to flip a bit.



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