Barncast 163 — Talk

Round Up

* Numbers
* Goats: feeding goat kids all the milk at night (7.5 lbs) and still 4 lbs in the AM. Compromise.
* Breeding rabbits — should be due in 4 weeks.
* Ducks kind of ramping up on eggs
* Bees – trees budding, so more pollen
* Garden
o 102 tomatoes, eggplants, peppers started and under lights
o Peas and cauliflower in garden
o Green onion out of garden
o Oregano up and going in garden
o Garden fully tilled and ready to go

Life – IUSB talk

* Animal – How does milk get to the fridge
o Breed doe, wait 5 months
o Milk the doe
o Clean clean clean! Chill chill chill!
o Pasteurize or not, homogenize or not
o Commercially gets to stores within 2 days of milking
* Vegetable – How do you eat locally-grown veggies all year round in Indiana? Is it sustainable?
o Canning
o Root Cellaring
o Fermenting
o Dehydrating
o Freezing
* Miracle – A miracle (gift from nature) for every season
o Spring: Morel Mushrooms
o Summer: Berries
o Fall: jerusalem artichoke
o Winter: Maple Syrup

Canada goose takeoff

  1. April’s avatar

    THANKS for your class visit! I can’t wait to decompress with my students today. I loved the structure of your conversation with all of us. I (and my students) wish we’d had a lot more time to talk gardening, and also to hear some more biographical details about the impact of your big move from California to Indiana. Your argument for quality of life DID come through by the end of the hour — that was nicely done. I hope you’re up for being regulars in this class! I really appreciate the time and effort you put in. (Do you need someone to schlep your bags while you’re in NZ??)


  2. misty’s avatar

    Glad you guys enjoyed it as much as we did, April! I am sure we could smuggle you in our luggage if you really wanted!


  3. Tristan Coleman’s avatar

    I love the smell and taste of Oregano when added in some recipes.':;


  4. Florence Mills’s avatar

    i always use Oregano and other herbs on my soup and homecooked meals;-.



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