Barncast 161 — Call in, Syrup and Goats

Show notes to follow.


  1. Curt Lynn’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew,

    I have listened for about a year. Live on about 3.5 acres in St. Joe. County. Want to drop you a line for a while. Love the podcast, especially the longevity. Thanks for your dedication to the podcast.

    Would like to hear a show about NAIS, National Animal Identification System.

    It personally will effect me because we keep hens and ducks for eggs…illegally. St Joe requires 5 acres min. for farm animals. I think it is ridiculous and willing to take a chance with my animals, but if registration becomes mandatory, I will probably have to give them up once I register them and they become “visible” to the local government.

    Not registering I’m guessing will be a Federal offense.

    Any way, wondering how much you know or have thought about how this will effect small farms like yours.

    Signed Stealth chicken owner.



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