Slight delay

We went out to dinner for Misty’s birthday Sunday night so we’ll do the show Monday night instead. Plus well, we didn’t have power either due to a wind storm, and I’m not sure if the drone of a generator would be the perfect accompaniment to the show. We’ll get the show done Monday night. While you wait, why not check out the new webcam images? I upgraded the webcam over the weekend so it gets much better pictures. If you click on high res, you can get a high res image, but it’s only updated once every fives minutes. I also put a popout link on the page so it can open it’s down window. You can resize the window too and have the image follow.


  1. Carol-Ann’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Misty!
    Glad you guys put up the goat cam, it’s amazing to watch how fast they grow.


  2. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Misty! Hope you had a great night out to celebrate! The new and improved goat cam looks really clear–thanks for the improvement! Looking forward to hearing the goat kid update.


  3. April’s avatar

    Will you be bringing a baby goat to our IU class on Thursday? Or, even better, enough for everyone??



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