Barncast 159 — Goat kids and more syrup

Well what a week. We’re up 3 goats, and one is inside to boot. We have 3 great calls and an email, then we look over our maple syrup adventures and then we look at caring for sick goats. Make sure to call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT! I’ll get the video extra up tomorrow.



  1. George Baxter’s avatar

    Hi Misty and Andrew! Liked your show!

    As I was telling you guys that has lots of info as an example here is a video of what Andrew did to feed the new born in detail.

    Misty asked what type of meat chicken I had and they were Cornish Cross. They are genetic engineered to grow meat fast, not bones. The good side- They are ready to eat in 8 weeks.
    Bad side
    Not good at foraging on pasture. If kept much longer there legs give out from there weight and have heart attacks.

    Andrew do you still have your plane and what model web cam did you get?


  2. Dee’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing the video of the kids. New life is a wonderful thing and the goat cam makes it easy to see them as they grow. Inspires me to get goats this year!


  3. Danielle’s avatar

    i came home from work after a LOOOOONG, hard day and read the title of this post in my rss feed as “More Kids & Goat Syrup.”


  4. Andy’s avatar

    Oh, they’re absolutely adorable!!


  5. Rayne of Terror’s avatar

    I randomly selected your podcast on iTunes to subscribe to and today is the first time I’ve listened. I was immediately hooked and listened to 5 HOURS of you two today on my iPhone while working up new child support enforcement cases at my desk.

    I loved the recent segments where you talked about the different veggies and how they turned out in your garden. My husband and I have a raised bed garden with 9 beds, 6 are 4×8 and 3 are 4×4, in central Illinois and a lot of your experiences (melons, Romas) mirrored ours.

    We are also homebrewers and I was excited when Misty objected to Andrew’s use of fermentation buckets for collecting sap. We grow our own hops and my husband recently pruned the roots if you want some rhizomes. We have 5 plants and they grow fantastically here. Especially since the hop shortage, growing your own is a money saving tip for brewers.

    Keep up the good work!


  6. andrew’s avatar

    Lol, thanks guys.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the show Rayne!



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