New Contact Form

A lot of you asked for it, so the contact form is back. Look along the left side of the blog page for the contact link, and let us know how it works for you!

  1. Ian Yarber’s avatar

    i just discovered your podcast this week. i am currently catching up on older episodes from iTunes.

    I live in Southern WV and I am currently preparing to move to a 10 acre parcel of land on which i would like to start farming. I am considering goats mostly as pets to begin with and for meat later on. I am also intersted in raising chickens and possibly ducks.

    Thanks alot for such an interesting and educational podcast.



  2. misty’s avatar

    We’re happy to get your feedback, Ian! Keep us posted on your adventures as you move to the country, and be sure to call the Farm Phone with any questions or new things you have learned!



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