Barncast 151 — What we learned in 2008

We have a great call in section for the farm phone this week. We still need you calls about money saving tips on the farm phone, batteries, and mantis tillers at 206-202-GOAT.

This week we look back at 2008 at which me learned and what worked and what didn’t. We cover a lot of ground so it’s a slightly longer podcast, but I think it’s packed full of god information about the garden, animals, preserving and rural life. So please join us for a fun look back.

Moldy Corn

  1. Dee’s avatar

    To Linda in Chicago, regarding rechargeable batteries, I’ve had the best experience with Eneloop from Sanyo. I tried other types of rechargeables in my digital camera, and all drained very quickly, I mean, literally within less than 20 shots. We went to Hawaii last year for the first time and I took 12 Eneloop AA batteries with us thinking it would be easier than trying to charge them (my camera takes 2). I was shocked that I only had to change batteries in my digital camera once! Found them on Amazon for a pretty good price. We also use them in remotes for the Xbox, DVR and Gameboy with much satisfaction.



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