Barncast 149 — A listener call in show

This week we have a fun show with 6 calls to the farm phone! Topics range from farm vehicles, to recipes for beets, to data plans on cell phones. Next week it’s going to be pretty quiet so please call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT. The farm section covers power issues in the winter.

Here’s a picture of Libbye’s farm vehicle and her dogs:


Google Earth Picture

  1. LIbbye’s avatar

    How will I ever keep them down on the farm now that they’ve made the big time?

    What a fun surprise driving to work yesterday when I glanced down at my ipod and saw them in all their glory.

    The Tervs are Deuce, Quazar, Buzz and the sheltie is TeenyTiny Peyton.

    Thanks for making the boys famous.


  2. Sam’s avatar

    How does one contact you with a question? I’ve got something I’d love to see two farm geeks explore, but I can’t find an e-mail address and I’m not likely go call in during a show (sorry!).

    By the way, what kind of geeks are you? The “Andrew” and “Misty” links don’t seem to work for me.


    another small farm geek in Hillsborough, NC


  3. misty’s avatar

    Hi Sam! First off, our email address is gfl@geekfarmlifecom. We had to take the comment box off the site because we were getting too much spam.

    Not sure what kind of geeks we are. Andrew’s link should be pointing to his photo gallery, and mine to my blog. I’m having some trouble with my domain’s DNS info right now though!



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