Barncast 142 — Beets

Well, colour me red! This week we’re going to have a good chat about beets. We finally managed to grow a good crop this year so we look at what we found out, then look at how to cook beets and make some good eats.


  1. Anne’s avatar

    After listening to your podcast I may just have to try some beets. The only beets we had in our house as I was growing up were the infamous pickled beets, which I wasn’t interested in even trying.


  2. Nikol’s avatar

    Here’s my favorite use of beets, borscht. It’s delicious & really welcome & hearty on a cold day. If you double or triple, add one extra beet for each extra batch. I don’t know why, but it seems to want more beets when it’s multiplied.

    1 pound cubed red meat
    1 large onion, diced
    olive oil
    5 medium beets
    3 medium carrots
    1 large potato
    1/2 small head of cabbage
    1 large bunch of fresh dill, plus more to dress
    salt & pepper
    beef or other stock
    sour cream to dress

    Coarsely shred all vegetables.

    Heat oil in a heavy pot and brown meat nicely on all sides. Add onion & cook until soft. Deglaze the pan with a bit of stock.

    Add all root vegetables (not cabbage), dill, s&p, and stock to cover, scraping the pot to gan any little dried bits of meaty goodness. Bring to a simmer, then throw the whole mess into a crock pot on high for 3-5 hours (it’s not fussy–just cook until meat & vegetables are quite tender), or simmer very low on the stove until vegetables are tender and broth thickens, adding more stock or water to keep soupy. Add cabbage in the last hour. It should be bright magenta.

    Dress with a big dollop of sour cream and more fresh dill. You can serve it hot or cold, but I prefer hot.


  3. Nikol’s avatar

    “medium” is a little general. I’m thinking of about a 2.5 – 3″ diameter beet.


  4. Jason Jobin’s avatar

    Strange this post is totaly irrelevant to the search query I entered in google but it was listed on the first page. – It’s absolutely impossible, but it has possibilities. – Samuel Goldwyn 1882 – 1974



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