Barncast 138 — Preparing the Animals for Winter

Our first mild frost has hit, now it’s time to think forward to how to prepare the animals for winter. It isn’t that hard, but a little bit of planning how will have you from popsicles later. But that’s not the only thing we talk about this week, we have some great calls too, ranging from grape jelly tips to the end of the horse slaughter in the US.

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A light frost

  1. Liza Stabler’s avatar

    Happy Anniversary, Misty and Andrew! Hi, hope you’re well. EEEK — Itunes isn’t downloading Episode #138 — says it’s an invalid URL. But, I can listen to it on the computer. Love the podcast, Liza


  2. Liza Stabler’s avatar

    Never mind — it just did! Thanks, guys, for the podcast. Liza


  3. Kevin’s avatar

    Andrew, have you ever tried Banshee with the podcast plugin? Recent versions have met my podcast requirements well. My wife and I have had a debate that matches yours almost verbatim, she feels that iTunes is clear and away superior to all alternatives, from my perspective they’re all equally aggravating. Keep up the good work, guys.



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