Barncast 132 — A tour of a farmers market and rural health care

Welcome to another great show! A big thank you to everyone who called the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT, you guys really do make the show. Ellen calls in 4 times as she tours a farmers market, which is a fun trip since you can hear all the happenings and music playing coming through her phone. We also continue the discussion of organic with some questions and some more observations. Tom the beekeeper also calls in to show us how to call ducks!

Download, listen, call the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT!

  1. Kirsten’s avatar

    I want the book!!!

    Thanks, Kirsten


  2. Kirsten’s avatar

    I want the book! Liza—I am a librarian too.



  3. Libbye’s avatar

    Here are a couple of useful websites on the livestock guardian topic from last week


  4. d.a.’s avatar

    Ran across your site doing a google search on “farming podcasts”. Also a geek making the transition to small-scale farming. Looking forward to more podcasts!


  5. Susanne’s avatar

    Hi, Misty and Andrew!
    I am a listener from Show #1 and Geek farm life is my absolute favorite podcast of all appr. 30 podcasts I regulary download and listen.

    I am a podcaster (although in german) and I really know what it means to do this for such a long time on a regular basis. You both do a great job.

    I have two things that I want to mention about your website (but please don’t take this wrong, because I really know what it means to keep a site updated!)

    1) your shop tells me that you don’t have milk because it is winter.

    2) the contact form doesn’t work. I think it was about 30 or 40 show ago that you mentioned a problem with the e-mail-spam you get. But the note on the contact site is quite missleading for everyone that hasn’t listened to this show.

    I started to listen again to all your shows, because I really love to listen to you while I am mowing my own lawn or doing some gardening and I seem to have more time in the garden than one hour per week….
    I am now at listening to show 15 for the second time (I highly recommend this for all listeners who love GFL, it is so funny to get back to the old shows)

    And I have to tell you: I really miss the crazy cuisine.

    All the best from Austria,


  6. Liza in New York’s avatar

    Hi — I was away for a lovely reason – my daughter had a baby and I was with her! Anyway, I still have the book and sorry for the delay. How do I get my email address to Kirsten? Liza in New York and New Jersey. Farm phone rocks! Liza


  7. Ian’s avatar

    I have an iPhone. Previously, I had a Treo (Palm) and a Blackberry I never had an Android phone I like my iPhone, but Tony is right about the limitations. I tried to use my iPhone to coontrl a robot dog I built through Bluetooth but Apple will not work with just any bluetooth device. (Not without paying a metric butt-ton of money to be part of a bluetooth program.)I did contribute to the Ouya Kickstarter, so I’ll have an Android device soon.



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