Barncast 131 — Fall Planting and Organic continued

Welcome to another weeks great podcast! We have a fantastic number of calls to the farm phone, 206-202-GOAT, from Rabbits, to Ducks to Organics. We then take a look at how our summer garden is producing, and then it’s over to more planting. Yes, it’s time if not a bit late, to get that fall garden in. We go through what can be planted in the fall and some tips to keep it growing well.

Morning Spray

  1. Kirsten’s avatar

    Great show!!!

    Hope you guys make it to the state fair, we had an awesome day. Our daughter fulfilled her fishing fantasy at the DNR pavillion and caught 7 bluegill in 15 minutes. I bought some buckwheat honey and some honey-jalapeno-cuke relish in the Land Pavilion. Fun was had by one and all!

    Also want to let Janine know that she almost always says exactly what I think and cannot express nearly as elegantly and efficiently. Great comment Janine!



  2. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Great Podcast Guys!

    And thanks for the praise Kirsten! I enjoyed your topic about your restaurant! I think it’s great that you can at least showcase some of your own produce there. In Pittsburgh many of the more expensive restaurants highlight local farmers’ products, but I’m sure that they still get many “staples” from big restaurant supply companies. I don’t know of any “totally” local restaurants around here.

    Here’s an interesting link about the pros and cons of gm foods that PBS has:



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