Barncast 130 — Organic?

What a great romp through all sorts of subjects this week. We have a great set of phone calls to the farm phone, then we look into some bigger topics. We take a look at how our thoughts towards organic have changed over the time we’ve moved here. Give us a call at 206-202-GOAT and let us know your thoughts!

  1. Carl Logan’s avatar
    Check it out…..
    Love your podcast…..I listen every week.


  2. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Great podcast guys! Loved the discussion about organics–I’ll try and have a comment for your Farm Phone, because you know how I love those philosophical discussions! By-the-way, I’ve been catching up on the “Wiggly Wigglers” podcast, and heard you guys introducing their 50th podcast. (And they’re setting up a Farm Phone!) And Heather from Wiggly Wigglers actually visited your farm to set you up with some worm composting under your rabbit hutches–Cool! Guess that makes you guys international podcast celebrities! A bit of a blast from the past, but as I said, I’m “catching up”. Keep up the good work!


  3. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Jeanine!!! We would love your comments! Wow, that’s a while ago on the Wiggly Wigglers. Sadly I don’t think their Farm Phone went very far.

    Thanks Carl! I will check it out. :)



  4. Julia’s avatar

    Hi Misty & Andrew,

    I’ve just discovered your podcast. I’m listening to episode #130 right now and wanted to comment about the ringworm. First, disclaimer: I am not a vet. Once upon a time when I purchased my first horse, he had a couple little spots that the vet said were probably ringworm. It was not a bad infection. Her suggestion was to put Monostat on it a couple times per day until it was gone. Thats right, that stuff from the drug store in a tube. It worked great. I would imagine that if the doe mentioned has had an infection for a while, it is possibly a resistant strain, and bringing out the big guns is appropriate. But maybe someone with a try-and-see level infection on their animal might find this info useful.

    Thanks for the podcasts!



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