Barncast 129 — Kids Invade

Welcome to a special podcast. We have a 3rd guest, but being 14 she doesn’t want to say anything. Kids. We have a great show this week. The farm phone was hopping, and Linda from Chicago calls in with a great 14 minute section on keeping chickens in the city. She covers issues from smell (doesn’t), noise (isn’t), and working with the local government. We then look at what it’s been like having a 4 year old help out with chores all last week. Tune in, downloand and call us back on the farm phone at 206-202-GOAT, or email us at!

  1. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Thanks to Linda for the excellent advice! I’ve got a bit of a project ahead of me, but I think it might be fun to educate people about keeping chickens in the city. I believe that Pittsburgh is one city that does allow chickens, (I live just outside the city and my borough doesn’t), so I plan to start by finding local people here who have chickens and go from there. (I’ve already got most of the neighbors on board with the idea.) Thanks again!


  2. MissAnna’s avatar

    In your search for information about wintergreen, you may like to try searching “teaberries” instead. Wintergreen oil is generally extracted from the leaves of the wintergreen plant (or from Birch trees, which is why the main flavorant of white birch beer is wintergreen). Teaberries are used to flavor confections such as gums and ice creams, and are very popular in my home state of Pennsylvania. Pepto-bismol is also flavored with wintergreen so some people may find the flavor of teaberries unpleasant by association.


  3. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Interesting post about Wintergreen. In England the tablets that they put into urinals are wintergreen. If you want to really gross out an English guy, give him a wintergreen lifesaver! My British boyfriend’s friends were grossed out until I showed them that wintergreen lifesaves make sparks if you chew them in the dark. He went home with a case of them!



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