Barncast 128 — The Award Winning Independant Podcast

You’ll have to listen to find out what the tittle is all about (Grand Champion with a ribbon to boot). We have a great show this week, the farm phone, 206-202-GOAT, was ringing like crazy with great calls. We talk about the wheel hoe in the farm section, it’s a great tool that we’ve used for a few weeks so you can hear our review and thoughts.


Horse Pull

  1. Linda in Chicago’s avatar

    Regarding Kirstin’s question about what to do with eggplant: how about making and canning some caponata?

    For a great compilation of the approaches people have taken to making chicken-keeping legal in their municipalities, try the Urban Chickens blog


  2. Kirsten’s avatar

    Thanks for the recipe Linda—this is exactly what I was hoping for. Alos, I will resend the pics of my daughter.




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