Barncast 125 — A 12 call extravaganza!

No show notes needed for the extravaganza! We had a ton of great calls, listen to the show for all the great questions and answers. We range from home made incubators, to internet links, and back to livestock. 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  1. Warren’s avatar

    Thanks for the info on wordpress. My issue with IP addresses was with uploaded pics as Andrew mentioned. I thought about hosting pics on flickr or someplace but thought I would go all out and host them locally. I am still trying to figure out which way to go. There are scripts I found to update the db when I switched ip addresses but a less technical person would have a rough time. I am a software engineer and very familiar with the technology and still found it less than fun. The layout issues I have are not so much with the templates as they work as expected. I was trying to layout pics on posts/pages and that’s where I saw the insanity. It just took some tinkering to see what the layout translates into when published…they don’t always match which is, of course, the ‘fun’ of web layout. Anyhow, I found some stuff online and some books that helped with some of the other cool features available on wordpress.

    btw, who is the cowboy?


  2. misty’s avatar

    Some man that dresses in a copper-painted suit and paints his face and hands with copper too, and pretends to be a statue at Taste of Chicago. It defies explanation. :) He also whistles.

    When you do special layouts for your images, first be aware that it may look less than pleasing in your RSS feed. Then, look in your template of choice for the classes to do with images. You can add (if they don’t already exist) a class that floats the image left, floats it right, or centers it. Let me know if you need examples.

    One thing that is nice about Flickr is that it can post to your blog via XMLRPC. You can go to any photo on Flickr and click “Blog This” and Flickr will give you a place to write a post, and will post it for you with your image. When you set it up in Flickr you can control the layout in your post, or you can just wrap the whole thing in a class and control it with your WP theme.


  3. Yolanda’s avatar

    Hi Misty & Andrew,
    As I was listening to the end of the podcast, it was cut off. Did anyone else have that problem? I refreshed my itunes but nothing else downloaded for your podcast.
    I’m interested to hear the rest of the answer to my questions. :o)


  4. andrew’s avatar

    Hi Yolanda,

    It seems full length if I play the file from the website, so it must be all there now anyways. Since you’re probably only short a few minutes why not just try the little player that’s there with the blog post. You can use the slider to move anywhere that it’s downloaded (green). You might have to wait a couple of minutes for the whole thing to download then you can seek to the right place. iTunes acts funny sometimes.


  5. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Thanks Misty for your review of the Kindle. My boyfriend bought one a while ago–he’s an electronics engineer who needs to be up on the latest “gismo’s”. I’m still a fan of “real” books, but I have to admit that lugging around a large tome can be a real burden. The Kindle is appealing to me, but I was a bit afraid of moving out of the comfort zone of actually turning pages. I do however love the idea of getting newspapers and magazine subscriptions without the actual bother of all that paper. (The only way I currently read the news is through online publications. My home page is the NY TImes, but I HATE the animated ads that take forever to download, and are always there, moving around in the margins like some Harry Potter nightmare.) Your review made me re-think getting to know this new device.


  6. Bridget (of Techcowboys of Mission Creek in Alberta)’s avatar

    Hey Andrew! What type of podcasting hardware are you running? I’m looking at upgrading my setup since we’ve finally also moved to a farm and can now begin recording podcasts ourselves! I’ve started looking at the local shops in Edmonton to see what can be found for podcasting hardware. I want something I can plug multiple headsets into, do a bit of mixing and volume control etc before the file gets uploaded to my computer for editing. I’m looking for a box which is straightforward while still maintaining a good amount of control over the settings.

    You and Misty are a great inspiration for those of us just starting out into farming. We plan on getting horses next year, and you guys have convinced us that trying out some goats is a really good idea rather than going with a cow. Though the miniature cows are interesting. We are for sure going to get some rabbits and chickens too, since we are looking for an alternative source of meat we can produce ourselves.

    Our podcast is largely going to focus on my gardening since I have huge gardens (for a city person) and want to develop into a market gardener, and my husband’s interests in sustainable energy technology gadgets as well as his steampunk computer projects. Well that’s all for now – your Farm phone does indeed rock :-D



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