Barncast 123 — Farm phone gets insured!

  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT
  • Incubating eggs from eBay, home made incubators, raw milk cheese, yohgurt, rabbits, rennet, etc
  • Round-Up
  • Farm – Insurance

Call farm phone! 206-202-GOAT

  1. Chris’s avatar

    After some searching I have located pictures of the “dehydrator incubator” that we made. If you would like pics emailed just let us know.
    Have a great day!
    Chris (Matts wife)


  2. andrew’s avatar

    That would be great Chris! Our email address is

    That would go really well with the farm phone that left yesterday.



  3. Sandy Davis’s avatar

    RE: farm insurance. I’m a new listener (2 MO). Your insurance experience hit a hot button-my husband and I own a small independent insurance agency in a town of 1200 in SW Michigan (Michiana to you). I think dealing with local businesses is just as important as buying and consuming local food. As you said, the local agent knows your farm and can write you with the right company,one who specializes in farms. You will almost always get better service from someone local who has to look you in the eye when you meet on the street or in an office. Price is not always an indicator of quality – just as with food. We, in the US, seem more than willing to sacrifice quality, whether it be food or insurance to save a few pennies. I try to connect with local farmers, thru a CSA and farmers market, because I know how the food in raised or processed. I like to think our customers buy from us because they know, from experience we are honet, honorable and knowledgable about their situation. We insure quite a few farms, hobby farms and rural properties in the area. When that tornado hits, I’m pretty sure people want to deal with real live agents, not voices on the phone, or email connections. We may cost $10-20 more, but we are there to do the best job possible for our customers. On a lighter note, love your podcast. We live in the country, garden but have no livestock, just cats. We do try to make our own cheese and yogurt. Keep those interesting and entertaining podcasts coming. I look forward each week to the new one, as I work my way through the archives. Sandy


  4. Chris’s avatar

    I got the pictures of the incubator sent. Hope they made it to you ok. If not just let me know and I will resend them.
    Chris in Iowa


  5. Jacob’s avatar

    I remember the Rabbit podcast, but I don’t remember you saying where you bought your rabbits. I am looking at starting to keep some, but am having a hard time finding Silver Foxes for sale. Did you find a local breeder, or order them online?
    THANKS for doing the podcast every week! It’s tons of fun to listen to as I work in the garden! It’s funny because I really look forward to listening, but save it until I am outside working.


  6. andrew’s avatar

    Hey Chris,

    Pictures arrived! I think I’m going to save this for next weeks listeners call in show. It’s such a great call and the pictures make it a geat call to lead off the show with. (plus I want to make sure we have calls next week)


    You’ll have to find a rabbit breeder, and find one that has rabbits for sale. Silver foxes are a rare breed, that’s why I breed them to help preserve an endangered breed. That also means they are hardto find. There’s an online silver fox mailing list that has occasional FS/WANTED ads. I had to go 250 miles to find my initial pair. Some breeders will ship, but keep in mind it’s via air service. So it’ll be expensive and you’ll have to pick them up from the friend dept at your airport.


  7. Jeannine from Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Sandy is so right about using local businesses. Local money stays in the community. Big box store money goes out of the community, because their headquarters are located elsewhere. For service I will always go to our local hardware store. You can go up to the counter and ask them about specific projects and they actually know what they are talking about! In the “big box stores” it’s lucky if, after walking what seems like miles, if you can actually find someone who know what they are talking about to help you. I’m hoping the small local stores will still be around in years to come, so I don’t mind spending a few extra cents to give them my business. It’s well worth it!

    Jeannine (from Pittsburgh)


  8. Chris’s avatar

    This is in reference to Jacobs post regarding rabbits. We are having a hard time finding rabbits also. Figured that we would just look around when we hit some of the 4H fairs. Hope its ok to post a link here but I did find some in PA, too far for us to drive! and I searched for “silver fox”
    Also maybe try googling farm classifieds? Iowa Farm Bureau has a website with lots of farm related classifieds. Hope that helps somewhat!

    ~Glad the pics made it too….Have a super week Andrew & Misty!~


  9. Talithia’s avatar

    Thank you both sooo much for answering my call about butchering rabbits. Misty you were right on the money, I am a little scared to hurt the rabbits and I do want to do it in a humane way.Living in a city that does not allow chickens pigs goats or even pot belly pigs is hard. I am not a fan of city life and hope that the economy picks back up some so that we can rent out this house and borrow on it to move to the country. I love reading any and all homesteading blogs and books if you know of any good ones please pass them on. My favorite is Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of country living. And a good web site is Path to freedom(someone called in and told you that though.) Thanks so Much, Talithia in FL



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