Barncast 120 — Mark and Linda Visit #2

We have some special guests on this weeks show! TFahey drove all the way down from Chicago to join us! It’s Linda and Mark from Chicago. We have a much improved recording setup for a 4 person interview and it works great! I hope everyone enjoys the chit chat!

On the show:

  • Intro: Linda and Mark
  • Farm Phone: 206-202-GOAT. 2 Great calls!
  • Round Up: numbers, bees and garden
  • Farm: Sustainability and what it means to rural vs city people
  1. Dee’s avatar

    Love the podcast! My husband Jeff and I discovered your 2+ years of barncasts in March and have been feverishly trying to listen to all past episodes. We are finally caught up this week and really enjoyed your discussion with Mark and Linda. We could have listened for hours actually. The photos you posted of them and where you do the barncast are great. Thanks for the shows and pics– looking forward to more.



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